Sunday, June 5, 2011

A change in perspective

After attending my Grandpa's funeral a few weeks ago, I have felt my perspective shift slightly from things of temporal importance to things of eternal importance.  As I have started viewing my life with an eternal perspective, my personal mission has become clearer to me as well as how best to live my daily life.

My Grandpa led a humble and remarkable life.  He and his wife have a child like faith in their Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They are both active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as am I.  They knew what their missions were on this earth and I believe they both lived and are living up to their potential.  My Grandparents lived a life of service.  The way they served others and their Heavenly Father the most was through sharing the Gospel with others.  My sister said this about my Grandma, "If you have met Bertha in this life, then you know you have had the chance to hear the Gospel" and that is not an exaggeration.  She shares the Gospel like a gift (because that's what it has been to her) with EVERYONE she comes in contact with.  I have decided that I would like that very same thing said about me.  I believe it is one of the ways I can serve my Heavenly Father the most. 

So this blog is part of that effort to share the Gospel with all I come in contact with.  I have many friends express their varying beliefs on facebook, blogs, etc... I have always preferred to be someone that STANDS UP FOR THE GOSPEL quietly.  But I feel inspired that I now need to share my testimony BOLDLY so that others can share in my same joy.  

This blog will be of my testimony as well as my testimony building experiences.  
If you would like to do a guest post and write your testimony (you don't have to know me or even be of my same religion necessarily) I would LOVE to post it.  Please e-mail me at 

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