Saturday, June 25, 2011


Today I was cleaning my house while both boys were taking a nap.  I wasn't looking forward to cleaning as I had let the house get a little past messy.  I tried to call a few sisters, my Mom and a couple friends to keep me company while I cleaned, but no one was available.  So It was just me, my church music and thoughts.  As I cleaned I went over my lesson in my head that I will be giving in a couple Sundays.  I thought about the day Boston was born and felt so blessed.  My thoughts trailed from one thing to the next, but two things stood out to me today.

One was the thought that I want to be sort of an advocate for women.  (I'll do another post on that later). 

The next thing that happened was amazing.  Let me give you a little back story.  When Boston was born we had music playing on Pandora (Hillary Week's station).  The moment Boss was placed on my chest I remember the nurses saying, "wow it's like this song was meant to play right now".  Sadly Dane and I couldn't remember the song he was born to because we were so caught up in meeting our little man.  We remembered that one of the songs playing after he was born said something like, "we will love you, we will take care of you" but we couldn't remember THE song that played the moment he was born.

Back to I'm cleaning Boston's song came on.  It hit me like a ton of bricks and I remembered that this was HIS song!  I was so excited.  It is a beautiful song about Christ's birth.  It took me right back to Boston's birth and what a spiritual experience it was.

Here is the song.  It is called "Here with Us" by Joy Williams. 

I had such a wonderful morning cleaning and having time to just ponder.  I think the Lord took that opportunity to help enlighten me.  I think I will look for more opportunities like this in my life.  :)

PS We have decided we will keep track of each of our children's birth songs down the road.  :)

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