Monday, June 27, 2011

Connecting to the Savior through Joseph Smith

167 years ago today the prophet Joseph Smith Junior was murdered by an angry mob of over 150 men.  On this special day I want to write about my testimony of Joseph Smith.

I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God.  He literally conversed with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  In Joseph Smith's day the true church, Christ's church did not exist on the earth.  I know Heavenly Father chose Joseph Smith to restore the Gospel to this earth.   I know that Joseph Smith did not write the Book of Mormon.  He translated it.  Joseph Smith sacrificed a great deal for his efforts.  He was persecuted.  His family was persecuted.  His people were persecuted, but he held fast to his faith.  His sacrifices have blessed the lives of millions and will continue to do so.  Because of the Book of Mormon I have an even greater testimony of Christ and his love for me.   Through the study of this book I have grown closer to my Savior and my Heavenly Father.  I have read the entire book cover to cover and I have prayed asking with a sincere heart if I what I read was true, and it has been confirmed to me, by the Spirit that it is true.  It absolutely is true.  If any of you would like a free copy of the Book of Mormon, please e-mail me your address ( and I would love to send you one.

I am so grateful to have the Book of Mormon as a companion to the Bible to help guide me in this life.  It is my greatest treasure.   

Here is a link to the introduction of the Book of Mormon.  In this introduction you will find the testimonies of multiple witnesses to the truthfulness of this book.

The Book of Mormon is true.  The Gospel is true.  Joseph Smith is a true prophet.  I know that revelation to men did not stop in biblical times and it did not stop with Joseph Smith.  It continues on today through our Prophet Thomas S. Monson.  I know my Savior better and understand what he wants of me even more, because of Joseph Smith's sacrifices.   I am forever indebted.

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