Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Son

Last year my son was born and my life was forever changed.  I often read to him, "On the Night You were Born" and in that book there is a line that says, "and the night wind whispered life will never be the same".  Every time I read that line I think, "how TRUE that is".  My life will never be the same and I thank Heavenly Father every day for that. 

I have always known that Heavenly Father exists and I have always believed that he loves me and knows who I am, but I never understood quite what that meant until I had a son of my own.  I love my baby more than I ever knew I could love.  I would do anything for him.  I cherish all of my memories with him.  I look back fondly on my first days with him.  I think constantly of his future and I am trying to better myself for him.  I would sacrifice anything for him.  I teach him and sometimes (although it's hard to watch) I let him struggle so that he can learn and grow.  I know that if I could not be with him I would miss him desperately and I would anxiously await for him to come home.

Heavenly Father feels this very same way about me, only his love is even MORE and is a PERFECT love.  Can you imagine being loved perfectly?

A good friend of mine (who also has a little boy) and I were talking one night about how much we are going to miss these days with our little boys once they're all grown up.   We talked about each little memory we would miss, and then I said to her, "Do you think our Heavenly parents talk about us in this very same way"?  She replied that she thought so, and as we talked we both felt strongly that we were on to something.  It hit me then and there that Heavenly Father actually does KNOW Me.  Not  figuratively, but literally.  He has memories with me and misses me and knows my weakness' and strengths and wants me, (Jill) to come back home to him when my work here is done.  As this feeling overwhelmed me I felt like I could hear Heavenly Father shouting down to me, "Yes!  You're starting to get it.  Of course I know you Jill!  Of course I love you!  I want you to ALWAYS remember that".

In just 9 shorts months (since my son was born) I have learned more about the Savior's and my Heavenly parents love for me, then I could ever have imagined in the rest of my 26 years.  I understand why being a parent is a great part of Heavenly Father's plan.

Here is a link to a beautiful song my sister in law showed me at Christmas time.  It's a song from the perspective of Joseph on the night the Savior was born. 

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